Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crankworx Co. - D.1

While reading fresh/live event coverage is always going to catch the readers attention and is always going to have some exciting new tricks and news in it, they are all basically the exact same layout each and every time. I will be down in Colorado @ Winter Park Mountain for the next week covering the riders POV of the 2010 Crankworx Colorado slopestyle. I am going to be using my trusty GoPro HD Hero camera for ALL the images and I will be gathering some very exclusive (and candid) videos footage from the week.

Tuesday: DAY 1

Hello Colorado.

Saw Mitch Chubey, Brian Miller, and Logan Peat at the local bike shop and went to check out the course...

The general through in all of the riders heads are, "How are the two Crankworx contest, the premier slopestyle events of the year and the courses are the shitties out of them all!?". The customer is ALWAYS right, and the riders in this case are the customers... maybe you should listen to them next year. The building for this Co. course isn't bad at all, its just lacking in creativity, line choice, and SIZE! Basically everything that makes a course entertaining... I'm embarrassed for the Whistler course and all the spectators giving judgment on our sport.

Stay tuned for some shots from practice later today.


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