Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crankworx Co. - D.4

After the course dried out for the postponed qualifiers on Friday, it all went off with a bang. No, the course didn't get any better from the riders perspective, but it's Crankworx... you either send it or quit. Most people sent it and when you see Semenuk crashing in both runs, you know its on! The reason that everyone was sending it so hard for qualis, was because they said the main event on Saturday was most likely going to be rained out so they would keep our qualifying 2 runs for finals. That didn't happen, and it was sunny on Saturday... but they didn't run the contest till the afternoon so it was windy as well.

This guy luckily was pre-qualified, so he got to ride finals no problem. He started at the front of the pack though (with a very low qualifying spot) and received a major benefit from that as he rode in little to no wind.

GG had a killer run with a beauty 3 off the top drop. You're riding so good on that new Rocky Gully!

GEAX Tire guys, Ryan Delong and Curto Dikes were on hand at this even giving support for mile and watching their riders kill it. Keep your eyes and ears open, these guys are doing big things with the sport of MTB.

All in all the even was alright... minus the major wind, flash flood warnings every day, and a SHIT course (the whale tail was cool though).

Crankworx Colorado Final Day from Ryan Meyer on Vimeo.

Next stop, Crankworx Whistler... all the riders had a talk about that course and no one is stoked to ride it. I'll let you know how that pans out!


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