Friday, October 15, 2010

TJ Lavan down !

BMX star TJ Lavin remains hospitalized in critical condition with head injuries suffered during a violent crash Thursday night in qualifying rounds of a Dew Tour competition in Las Vegas.

Lavin, 33, was soaring high over a dirt ramp and attempting a difficult maneuver that entailed becoming temporarily unseated from his bicycle. He failed to get his feet back on the pedals before landing on the down-slope, and became separated from his bike just before impact.

The athlete was wearing a helmet, according to Dew Tour spokeswoman Nicole Mancuso.

Video footage of the incident, which was posted briefly on YouTube, has been blocked by NBC Universal, which owns the Dew Tour, over copyright concerns.

Lavin, a Las Vegas native who also stars for MTV's "Real World/Road Rules" series, was knocked unconscious and also was said to have suffered broken ribs and a broken right wrist. A spokeswoman at University Medical Center on Friday morning would not confirm those injuries or reports that Lavin was in a coma. All she would confirm was that his condition remained critical


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